60867 Course Answers

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I joined TCS about a month ago, and within this time, precisely 30 days, my T factor has reached 2.05 as of writing this. I started taking courses in areas I’m passionate about or already familiar with, such as Nodejs, Angular, and CSS. Most of these courses fell under the web development category, which was my main focus.

60867 Course Answers PDF

However, to achieve a T factor of approximately 1, it was suggested that I complete around 15 courses. So, I began exploring theoretical basics and learning about other technologies like DevOps, cloud computing, user experience, mobile, and wearables. Progress was slow but steady, and I reached a T factor of 1.99.

60867 Course Answers

I found that hands-on courses contribute more to the T factor than theoretical ones. It’s beneficial to take hands-on courses in areas you already have knowledge in. For instance, I took an Angular course, even though I was already familiar with it, 60867 Course Answers, and a Nodejs course, which I had attempted to learn in the past. These hands-on experiences helped boost my T factor by approximately 0.24.

The T factor increases very gradually, almost imperceptibly. It took me around 34 courses in total to achieve a T factor of 1.99, with about half of them being hands-on courses. Unless you have a clear understanding of the concepts, reaching this level can be quite challenging.

One important thing to note is that you don’t necessarily need an excellent credit score in multiple domains. I believe in focusing on one domain, and in my case, I earned a credit of 5 in the web development domain, while others lagged behind. However, it’s worth mentioning that you might receive warnings from fresco during milestone events due to a lack of a diverse skill set. The question is, do you want to continue in this manner?

TCS Course Id 60867 Answers PDF

Back then, I had to complete learning journeys on three main topics: dev ops, microservices, and web development. At that time, the scoring system allowed a maximum of three. If I had to guess, completing a learning journey with 12 to 15 courses would give you a score of 1 60867 Course Answers. If you do two more learning journeys of the same size, you should achieve a score of 2 or slightly higher. Milestone challenges were introduced after I left, so I didn’t have a chance to tackle them.

In reality, the learning itself was more beneficial than the actual score. I reached a score of 2.57 around mid-2018 when it became popular, and people aimed for a score of 1. It was more of a minimum requirement, and people didn’t pay much attention to a high T-Factor score. So, take your time to understand the topics thoroughly, and engage in hands-on exercises to explore the capabilities of technology. Hopefully, you’ll develop a passion for learning if you haven’t already.

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