TCS Rio E2 Assessment Answers

To celebrate RIO week, TCS is organizing several events and Assessments like TCS Rio E2 Assessment Answers that employees can join to share their ideas. RIO stands for Rigour In Operations. It’s a big celebration or event. I thought it was a bit boring, though. The event includes games, quizzes, plays, team activities, and more. We get gems as rewards when we win.

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TCS Rio E2 Assessment Answers

They are used to measure how well someone knows a subject. E0 is the lowest level, meaning you’re a beginner. E1 means you have some knowledge and experience, and E2 indicates higher expertise. To start at E0, you need to enroll and finish a beginner’s module. After that, you can take courses at higher levels.

When I worked at TCS, we were required to complete a certain level as part of our goals. We diligently did this, but I’m not sure how it works now. Back then, completing E3 in a skill made us seem like experts, even though it wasn’t always true. Sometimes, we took courses just for performance reviews and marked them as finished. The higher-level questions were challenging, and some people managed to pass even with little knowledge.

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The same happened the other way around. Real experts sometimes struggled because the questions were vague. In theory, someone with E3 or E2 is considered an expert, while E0 is a beginner.

Rio E2 Assessment Answers

TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test) is conducted by TCS all over India to hire new graduates from campuses each year. It is one of the largest recruitment exams held by any company in India. The question format is the same for all branches; there’s no differentiation based on the field of study.

I received job offers from four companies, including TCS and Cognizant.

TCS conducts a nationwide exam called TCS NQT, which, in my opinion, is relatively easy to crack if you follow a few basic guidelines. Knowing at least one coding language, even at a basic level, is essential. You only need to understand enough to write program logic.

The aptitude section is at an easy to medium difficulty level, and logical reasoning questions are manageable. Books covering basic aptitude topics can be helpful.

TCS Rio E2 Assessment Answers

I’d like to share the steps I followed to secure a job, particularly with TCS. Out of around four lakh students taking the TCS exam, only about 70-80K receive interview calls, and from those, only 40K are selected. The selection process is competitive.

Here are some essential steps for preparation:

1. Limit Study Materials: The exam difficulty is at an easy to medium level, so avoid using too many books or study materials. Focus on a limited set. If you need assistance, feel free to direct message me.

2. Choose Your Programming Language: Select a programming language based on your interest, especially if you are aiming for an IT job. This is crucial for non-CS-IT aspirants.

3. Prioritize Aptitude: Give more attention to aptitude questions and aim to cover each section thoroughly.

4. Consistent Daily Preparation: Allocate two hours daily for preparation until you secure a satisfactory job. Two hours each day should be sufficient; just be punctual.

5. Stay Calm About Interviews: Avoid overthinking about the interview. Overthinking can make you nervous. Spend half an hour daily (once interview dates are known) to prevent last-minute anxiety. Be confident; self-assurance is crucial in interview preparation.

TCS Rio Assessment Answers

Before you start working at TCS, they will inform you about the specific area in which you will receive training, your joining date, and the location of your training. Once you officially join and complete the initial paperwork, your training begins. You’ll receive training in your chosen field as well as in business skills, and there will be periodic assessments.

This phase is likely to be the most enjoyable part of your career. You’ll meet people from different parts of the country, and many of them might also be in a new city. This aspect can be quite exciting. Moreover, you will start receiving your salary, adding to the positive experience of your training period.

As a recent college graduate, the primary goal of the training, in my opinion, is to shape you into a professional. The training will provide you with a glimpse into the corporate life you’ll be entering.

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