TCS Salary Hike 2024

In this blog post, we cover the TCS salary Hike 2024, increasing salaries by up to 20% and offering a 100% variable pay for TCS Employees in 2024. TCS salary hike 2024 latest news or Happy New Year.

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TCS’s Chief HR Officer announced that high-performing employees are set to receive salary increases ranging from 12% to 15%, while others can expect hikes between 1.5% and 8%. Additionally, TCS is considering a variable payout of up to 100% for the most recent quarter for its employees.

TCS Salary Hike 2024 and Happy New Year

Recent media reports have circulated claiming that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the software giant, has provided a TCS Salary Hike and New Year’s gift to its employees by increasing salaries by up to 20% and offering a 100% variable pay. It was also mentioned that 4 lakh employees out of 6 lakh would receive a bonus in the form of 100% variable pay for the fiscal year 2022. However, a source with close knowledge of the matter informed Zee Media that this information is inaccurate.

Earlier reports from the media also suggested that the remaining 30% of employees would receive variable pay based on their performance. According to these reports, TCS has proposed a 20% salary increase for 70% of its employees, with the remaining staff receiving raises based on their performance. It is important to note, however, that the company has not made any official announcements to its employees, and the circulating media reports are not accurate.

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TCS Salary Hike For Experienced

  • TCS Salary Hike 2024: The claim of a 20 percent salary hike at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been debunked by TCS officials. The reports suggesting a TCS Salary Hike 2024 latest news bonus and salary increase for employees are inaccurate, and TCS has not issued any official statement on the matter.
  • TCS Salary Hike New Year 2024: Tata Consultancy Services is currently generating significant attention due to rumors surrounding a salary increase. However, according to TCS officials, these claims have been identified as false, as the company has not officially declared any such salary hike. Certain media outlets have reported that TCS is allegedly providing a salary hike of up to 20 percent for 70 percent of its employees, coupled with a 100 percent variable pay for over 4 lakh employees. It is crucial to clarify that these assertions are inaccurate, and stakeholders are urged not to give credence to such unfounded claims.
  • TCS has not released any communication confirming the salary increase.
  • The company has achieved a net profit of Rs 10,431 crore, surpassing the Rs 10,000 crore milestone in a quarter for the first time.
  • TCS is recognized as one of the most stable employers. Despite the ongoing wave of mass layoffs, TCS has announced the creation of 1,200 new jobs. In the July-September 2022 period, TCS registered a net addition of 9,840 employees. As of September 30, 2022, the company’s workforce totaled 616,171 employees.

TCS Salary Hike 2024


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is set to provide a TCS Salary Hike 2024 of 20% to 70% of its workforce, while the remaining employees will receive a salary increase based on their individual performance. With a workforce of nearly 600,000 employees, TCS has decided that 10-20% of the employees’ salaries will be contingent on variable pay. Notably, for the financial year 2022, TCS is planning to extend 100% variable pay to around 400,000 employees.

The company has recently implemented a 100% variable compensation scheme for its employees. According to the latest reports, TCS reported an 8% increase in net profit for the previous quarter, exceeding 10,000 crores.

Milind Lakkar, the Chief Human Resources Officer of the company, disclosed this information on Monday following the release of the quarterly results or TCS Salary Hike 2024 & Happy New Year. He mentioned that in the second quarter of the current fiscal year, the company will disburse the entire variable component to 70% of its employees, while the remaining 30% will be determined based on performance-related remuneration.

Despite TCS, India’s largest IT services company, reporting a Q4 profit below analysts’ expectations, the Tata Group firm plans to offer salary increases in FY24 comparable to those in FY23.

According to a report by News18, Milind Lakkad, TCS’ Chief Human Resource Officer, mentioned that high-performing staff members will see pay raises ranging from 12-15 percent during the current fiscal year, with others receiving hikes between 1.5-8 percent & tcs salary hike 2024 latest news.