Uncovering the Best of Infosys Food Court and Food in Infosys

In the post you can read about Infosys Food or Infosys food court, There will be several food courts offering subsidized prices, so the cost is estimated to be around $150–$300 per day, depending on your food choices and beverage consumption.

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Infosys Food Prices

  1. The average cost of breakfast in Infosys food court (including idli, dosa, etc.) is Rs. 30.Lunch, whether South or North Indian meals, will amount to Rs. 50.For dinner, opting for the chapati/rice combo will incur a cost of Rs. 40.If you indulge in snacks or drinks in the evening, it may result in an additional expense of Rs. 20.Therefore, the estimated average cost for your food is Rs. 125–150.
  2. Hmm, the cost of meals on campus is quite reasonable. Breakfast, including the main course, tea/coffee, badam milk, and milkshakes, is around Rs. 30–40. For a vegetarian lunch, it’s about Rs. 50 (Rs. 60 for non-vegetarian thali), and snacks, which you can enjoy collectively, are priced at ~Rs. 30–40. The dinner rates are the same as lunch. Interestingly, Domino’s Pizza is entirely tax-free.For approximately Rs. 140, you can enjoy satisfying meals throughout the day. It’s worth noting that actual rates might be lower than my estimates, as my information is from over two years ago when I left Mysore. Additionally, outside the campus, you can find food at very competitive prices.

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Food in Infosys

There are different types of Food in Infosys as well as different types of Food Court in Infosys.

  • Fiesta Food Court

Fiesta FC stands as the inaugural Infosys food court you’ll come across in the Mysore Campus, conveniently located near gate number 2. Here, you can indulge in breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings. Fiesta Food Court, a multilevel dining facility, typically serves main meals and accompanying items on the ground floor. The first floor boasts a diverse range of options from various vendors. Notably, Fiest FC includes a Domino outlet, and you can also find a selection of fruit juices, South Indian cuisine, and North Indian dishes.

Infosys Food

  • Magna Food Court
  1. The Magna food court stands out as a pivotal culinary hub within the Infosys Mysore Campus, nestled inside GEC 2.
  2. While accessible to all, this particular food court is predominantly designed to cater to the needs of trainees. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the sole dining facility in closest proximity to the classrooms.
  3. Infosys Mysore boasts two Global Education Centers (GEC), each equipped with classrooms. For trainees based in GEC 2, the Magna Infosys food court conveniently stands as the nearest dining option. Conversely, trainees situated in GEC 1 must embark on a brief 5-minute walk to reach this dining facility.
  4. This food court ranks among the largest on the campus, experiencing a surge in patronage during lunchtime, often resulting in significant crowding.
  • Arena Food Court
  1. Welcome to the largest Infosys food court at Infosys Mysore Campus—the Multilevel FC, situated between the cricket ground and amphitheater.
  2. In addition to its expansive dining options, this food court boasts several utility centers on the ground floor, including the intercity bus booking area.
  3. If you find Magna too crowded, consider taking a leisurely walk (just an additional 5-8 minutes) to reach this oasis and enjoy your lunch.
  4. Compared to the Magna or Fiest Food court, the arena food court stands out for its spacious and well-ventilated environment. Open from both ends, it ensures ample lighting and fresh air for the trainees.
  • Enroute Food Court
  1. The Enroute Food Court stands out as a distinctive culinary destination within the Infosys Mysore campus, conveniently situated near the MLPL parking facility. This makes it a convenient dining option for those commuting in their private vehicles.
  2. Despite its considerable distance from the classrooms, ECC, or main gate, the accessibility is tailored to specific individuals.
  3. It’s crucial to understand that the Enroute Food Court primarily caters to employees, although trainees are also welcome. The journey from the classroom takes approximately 15 minutes, while it ranges from 20 to 30 minutes from ECC rooms.
  4. Adding to its appeal, the food court features utility centers in the basement, including a pharmacy. Additionally, a specialist doctor pays regular visits on a weekly basis.

Infosys Food

Infosys Food Court

The Oasis Food Court boasts a diverse range of vendors, offering a wide variety of culinary delights. Here, you can find popular establishments like Coolpoint, CCD, Hatti Kappi for tea and coffee enthusiasts, Dominos for pizza lovers, and an array of Chinese dishes.

Dinner at this food court often features hearty meals, a staple for many patrons. To partake in the evening feast, one must first acquire a coupon, which, during peak hours, entails joining a lengthy queue.

While the Infosys food court may be relatively small, it is exceptionally functional. The multilevel Oasis FC serves as a venue for birthday celebrations, adding a festive atmosphere to the dining experience.

Beyond the gastronomic offerings, there’s a conveniently located store for procuring everyday essentials such as books, pens, soap, handwash, chocolates, and more.

The live counter at Oasis Food Court is renowned for its lengthy queues, especially during peak hours. Here, you can witness the preparation of freshly made items like parathas and dosas, providing a unique and interactive dining experience.

It’s important to note that the food court does not operate during lunchtime. Plan accordingly to ensure an optimal dining experience.