Project Readiness Assessment is called PRA and TCS PRA Exam is important for every TCS new employee. After joining TCS, employees are required to do training, and after completing technical training, they must pass the PRA Exam in TCS in order to be eligible to participate in projects.

TCS PRA Exam Pattern

I’m not sure if the TCS PRA Exam format is changing or not at specific times. After completing your business training, TCS will place you in several technological training programs including ITIS, Java, and Python. I had Java training.

MCQ and coding were the two primary portions of my TCS PRA Exam. There are 25 multiple-choice questions and 2 coding questions. Java, Unix, PLSQL, and other technologies are covered in the MCQ, and out of the two codes, one is written in Java and the other in Unix.

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Repeat Questions in TCS PRA Exam

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For the PRA, a score of 80 or above is required. If they receive one point fewer, they must reappear. There are three opportunities to pass the PRA, and if you don’t, you’ll get a one-week LAP to retake the test.

I’m not sure, but during training, the faculty members said that if a student failed to pass the PRA in that lap, they may revoke the associate’s offer. I haven’t come across anyone yet whose offer was withdrawn. However, I’ll advise everyone to take the TCS PRA Exam three times maximum. Avoid waiting until the LAP.

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PRA Exam in TCS

First off, there is a way to pass the TCS PRA Exam that will allow you to get more than 55% if you are ready to take it. Obviously, you must work hard yet wisely.

Gather resources from past years first. It is accessible from any location online. As study material, use this site carefully. The majority of the topics recur when you look through the code questions. Examine the syntax of each notion. Answer at least ten coding-related questions. either learn the Java or Python syntax. Use the tcs study modules and YouTube to your advantage. Practice 10 prior year problems, attempt to complete them on your own first and then learn from the solutions when you have learned and understood the majority of the grammar and its usage.


TCS PRA Questions

TCS, like many other large IT services and consulting companies, often conducts various assessments and exams as part of its onboarding and training process for new employees. These assessments serve several purposes:

Skill Assessment: TCS may use assessments to evaluate the technical skills and knowledge of new employees.

Training Needs Analysis: The results of these assessments can help TCS identify the specific training needs of each employee.

Job Placement: Depending on the assessment results, TCS may place employees in roles that align with their skills and knowledge.

Quality Assurance: For projects and services provided by TCS to clients, having well-trained and skilled employees is crucial for maintaining quality and meeting client expectations.

Performance Evaluation: Assessments can be used as part of the performance evaluation process to measure an employee’s progress and growth over time.

How to Clear TCS Exam

One of the most well-liked service sector modules nowadays is the TCS Information Technology Infrastructure Services module. With time, there will be a greater need for and importance placed on maintaining IT infrastructures to efficiently provide IT support services. as an engineer in software. Before you join a project, I want you to be familiar with a wide range of technologies. TCS ITIS Project Readiness Assessment Test is the full name of the TCS PRA Exam. This test is comparable to a lot of the others that Tata Consultancy Services has run. You have access to enough learning materials to upgrade your skills. The passing mark is frequently set around 80% to encourage you to prepare thoroughly for the exam.

Having a solid understanding of important technologies is essential to working effectively at TCS ITIS PRA Exam, even if the ITIS domain is less difficult when it comes to IT coding and development work, as I’ve highlighted in my prior ITIS articles. You have three chances to pass the TCS ITIS PRA Exam.